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NOTICE! As of Feb 5, 2015 we will be changing the style of our poly vinyl handles.  Previously the handles had a coupling where the thong attaches to the handle, NOW all our handles will be one single piece flared out at the end where the thong is attached (the picture above is an example of the new style).  If you have already ordered and would rather have our new style handle just contact us and let us know.  Email: info@whipsandwhatknots.com


  • "I bought my first whip from you guys on my Birthday at the Renaissance Festival and I love it! I'm trying to learn with my left hand so I can use 2 whips at once. I've taken a l..."
    Lash Larue in training!
  • "Recieved my new whip Monday last week, my first 7ft bullwhip and I'm over the moon with it :) whip fans aren't well known in the UK but all friends and family are amazed by the ..."
    New whip

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Welcome to Whips and What Knots

     We are committed to making quality long lasting nylon whips.  All the whips we provide are made from nylon and dipped in wax. We use polyvinyl or lathed hardwood handles. They can be used in the rain or on wet grass, and need minimal care.  

     We have sold our whips to many performers, including Adam "Crack" Winrich, World Champion Whip Cracker, and Jose Granados, of the Don Juan and Miguel Show.