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Survival Bracelet


These bracelets are made using the same nylon as the whips, (550 para cord) the military uses this nylon for parachute cord and other tactical purposes. There is 6 feet of this cord knotted into the bracelets; so if you find yourself in a survival situation you can untie the knots of the bracelet and you will have 6 ft of very strong and durable cord. These bracelets are very hard wearing and can be worn pretty much anywhere... water, sand, while playing sports or just for fun.

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  • "Really love the 4.5 pair of white stock whips I got from you a while back!!! Very Snappy, well balanced & all around solid working whip- Also They work quit well for my crazy w..."
  • "What a magnificently beautiful whip! I got home from work about 30 minutes ago, and the package was at my front door! I was able to crack this thing after about four tries. I ..."
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